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My life as... Chickenマイ ライフ アズ

movie | Apr 28 2023
My life as... Chickenマイ ライフ アズ
It's been six months since Yasunari ran away from home. He is saved from the streets by Fumi & Rino, and ends up living with them as their pet. Along with his friend Chie, he is introduced to a new world of S & M, and group sex. He publishes his new sexual experience in a magazine, which ends up in the hands of his brother, Tomoyasu. Tomoyasu is desperate to find his brother. He is seriously upset after finding that his brother is enjoying his new life as a pet. When a new tutor, Serina, arrives unexpectedly, he takes out his anger and frustration of his broken home on Serina by forcing himself on her. Unknown to Tomoyasu, Serina is the friend of Yasunari's three masters! A fun adventure revolving around the two brothers and the women in their lives!"