movie | Jan 14 2022
Ojousama wa H ga Osuki お嬢様はHがお好き~THE ANIMATION~ celebrity.1
Ojousama H ga Osuki: The oujousama cancels a trip with his father to the Caribbean and remains at her mansion just to play with Yuusuke's -her sevant- penis... Hanabi no Yoru ni: The oujousama's sister Tamaki prepares to go to a festival, she is going with her childhood friend Tatsuya, who cannot help it but get sexually aroused when he see Tamaki in her Yukata... Ojousama wa ofuro ga Osuki: The ojousama asks her servant Yuusuke to help her wash her body in the bathroom! She wears a sexy swimsuit that hardly keep anything to the imagination. "How boring, this is how you should wash me".... Same style, author and studio: Mizugi Kanojo